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The Paramour's Daughter
September 2010
ISBN 978-1-56474-496-8
Perseverance Press
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In The Guise of Mercy
September 2009
ISBN 978-1-56474-482-1
Perseverance Press
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What they're saying...

"Hornsby handles the diversity of cultures -- gangs, barrios, homeless, cops, filmmaking -- adeptly as Maggie's probing stirs up a toxic residue of unsolved killings that again proves fatal. It's good to see Maggie back in action."
Publishers Weekly

In the Guise of Mercy manages to be both tough and heartfelt from the first page to the last. Its characters stay with you long after the book has found its permanent place on your shelves. Wendy Hornsby is one of America's very best mystery writers. Anyone who wants to know why Hornsby won an Edgar should read In the Guise of Mercy immediately.”
Timothy Hallinan, author of
Breathing Water, new from Morrow

“A suspenseful ride through L.A.'s rainbow streets, this deftly plotted tale and its smart, tender heroine should win many hearts. Filmmaker sleuth Maggie MacGowen seems very real to me, and Los Angeles comes alive in all its grit, glitz, grift and natural grandeur.”
Denise Hamilton, author of The Last Embrace
and editor of Los Angeles Noir, an anthology

“No mystery novelist since Raymond Chandler may have captured downtown Los Angeles the way Hornsby does….”
Les Roberts, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Street life and the surreal political culture of the 1970s combine explosively, making Edgar Award winner Hornsby’s fourth Maggie MacGowen novel a tour de force. Hornsby’s powerful writing and her equally thought-provoking story blend to make this one of the most gripping, compelling mysteries of the year.” (77th Street Requiem)
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

"Hornsby has created a true heroine for our times – a professional woman who is intelligent, feminine but tough, clever without resorting to cuteness and as resourceful as a Navy SEAL with a Swiss Army knife. Long may she survive.”
Dick Lochte, LA Times

“Wendy Hornsby doesn’t fool around. In MIDNIGHT BABY...she lets her well-drawn characters speak their minds and bare their flaws. Refreshing…real and raunchy.”
Marilyn Stasio, NY Times

“This is one of those lovely, totally absorbing stories that you hate to put down or even finish. Hornsby has a rare gift for taking familiar subjects and writing about them with such style and compassion that Maggie’s experience seems entirely fresh and new. Highly recommended.”
Denver Post

“Hornsby’s tension-filled, offbeat world will hold the reader to the end.”

“Wendy Hornsby is one of the most talented and versatile authors in today’s saturated market. Her relationship and romantic dramas are brilliantly incorporated into a tightly woven and expertly constructed riveting mystery that seems real and feels emotionally explosive. A best seller by an author who should be on everyone’s reading list.”
Affaire de Coeur

“This is the fourth Maggie MacGowen mystery and, like Maggie herself, it is super. Turn on the answering machine before you slip on your reading glasses – you won’t want to be interrupted. Highly Recommended.”
I Love a Mystery

“Maggie is a character we won’t soon forget. She’s warm, funny, tough, tender, smart, everything the modern woman sleuth is expected to be, but Hornsby doesn’t just tell us these things are so; she digs down deep into the character and shows us.”
Denver Post

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Some of my books are out-of-print, but can be found online. Good sources to check include:

Books by Wendy Hornsby

Two of the Deadliest

Short story, "The Violinist"
Two of the Deadliest
edited by Elizabeth George
HarperCollins, July 2009

Mystery Readers Journal

Article, "Writing about Los Angeles"
Los Angeles Mysteries I,
Mystery Readers Journal, Vol. 25, no. 2, Summer 2009
edited by Janet Rudolph

Nine Sons and Other Mysteries

Nine Sons and Other Mysteries, an anthology of short stories by Wendy Hornsby, includes Edgar-winning story, “Nine Sons”
Crippen and Landru, May 2001

A Hard Light

A Hard Light
Dutton, August 1997
Signet, July 1998
French edition (Editions Du Masque) nominated for Prix Du Roman D’Adventures, 1997

77th Street Requiem

77th Street Requiem
Dutton, October 1995
Signet, August 1996
Publishers Weekly selection as One of the Best Books of 1995, mysteries
Starred review, Publishers Weekly

Bad Intent

Bad Intent
Dutton, August 1994
Signet, 1995

Midnight Baby

Midnight Baby
Signet, August 1994
Dutton, June 1993
French edition (Editions Du Masque) awarded le Grand Prix de littérature policiere, 1998
Starred review in Publishers Weekly
Reviewers Choice Award, Best Contemporary Suspense, Romantic Times Magazine

Telling Lies

Telling Lies
Dutton, 1992
Onyx, 1993

Half a Mind

Half a Mind
New American Library, 1990
Onyx, 1991

No Harm
No Harm
Dodd, Mead, 1987
Worldwide Library, 1988